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9/8: Lots of things happening.
Gene and Chris had birthdays.
Chris and Gina are back in school
We bought a house - pics to follow...

8/23: We are back in Nahant - living in the RV on Tom's lawn.
8/9: Heading back east now across South Dakota. Been in Yellowstone for 6 days. No internet access for the past 10 days (are we in America?).
7/30: No - we are not anywhere near the earthquake. We are in Island Park, Idaho (next to Yellowstone) ready to start doing some fishing.

26-31 July: Crecent City, CA to Henry's Fork of the Snake River, Idaho

We arrived at Crescent City- northern California close to Oregon border,- and as always on our trip got very lucky with a RV park- close to a looong beach, on the edge of town. I went for a walk and lo and behold, came across people with sand dollars that they picked up. And that was that for me. The next few days I would hunt these sand dollars down, and I am happy to say that I found big and beautiful ones )and got some really nice walks in!)

16 July - 25 July: Northern California

To be added

14-15 July: Napa Valley

After a long day that started with a visit to the Sutter gold Mine and involved a long drive west, we reached the Valley in the late afternoon. Beautiful golden hills interspersed with green vineyards everywhere. But we still had to find our RV Park, hook up and –in, and rest before we could explore the next day. Happily we arrived at t he RV Park, just to notice a big” CLOSED: as of 13 July” sign on the gates. OK then, we were stuck. Napa Valley does not have too many budget conscious visitors like RV inhabitants, and as a result not too many RV parks.

16-18 July 08 San Francisco /Berkeley

San Francisco II

7-13 July: “Goodbye God, I am going to Bodie”

And so we arrived in San Francisco – liberal mecca, sanctuary city, gay capital, bohemia, etc. etc.

1 - 6 Jul: Morro Bay to Monterey

July 3-
Morro Bay, oh Morro Bay. It was a beautiful few days, the 3 or so days before the 4th of July weekend. Great beach, and right across from the RV park. It was the few days in which Gina started to surf, and Chris played his first game of rugby. The rugby was with me, but hey, we played serious touch –and- shove rugby while the other two surfed. And Chris turned out to be very tough and competitive- he took every hard push and fall in the sand with grace and the two of us had a lot of fun and games.

25 Jun - 2 Jul: Death Valley to Morro Bay

Left Vegas and cheap(er) gas. No more neon, gambling, no more losing money – all for a cleansing in the valley of Death.

12 - 24 Jun: Grand Canyon and Las Vegas

As we left the Antelope Slot canyons, I felt all canyon-ed out. We had seen so many beautiful places: Arches, Bryce, Zion, Antelope Slot Canyons- could the Grand Canyon possibly be so wonderful? I was prepared to see a deep canyon, buy an ice-cream, take photos and be on our way to Las Vegas. I was totally unprepared for the Grand Canyon to take my breath away.

4 - 12 June: The National Parks

Arches: 4-6 June
So, from Mesa Verde we drove further north into Utah to the town of Moab. A town that is geared to recreational sports – with rock climbing, mountain biking, rafting, kayaking and the Colorado river that cuts a path through the town and mountains around, and off-road driving, etc.

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